Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam or Legit

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam or Legit  

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the affiliate marketer education programs online. Scams in the make money business online place are so relentlessly common they are everywhere. Is Wealthy Affiliate a  scam answering this topic isn’t as easy as a simple “yes” or “no.” Wealthy Affiliate appears like a scam.

Why it Appears To Be A Scam

There are numbers of articles on Wealthy Affiliate, and each one of them seems to be positive. You may notice that each site which originally declares Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, ultimately merely turns into a colossal selling pitch for Wealthy Affiliate.  Meanwhile, you begin to understand something is not correct. Why there are so many positive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate? How there are so many results saying that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, and when you read the articles it’s real people saying how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is.

Here is how the Scam Works

With a free starter account, you automatically become an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. Which means the day someone enters Wealthy Affiliate, they have a monetary motivation to get. Because if you click their affiliate link to Wealthy Affiliate and finish upgrading to a premium account, they earn a commission off you.


Wealthy Affiliate coaches people how to rank sites highly in Google for specific search terms related to Wealthy Affiliate. That suggests all of the reviews of Wealthy Affiliate that you’re seeing are Paid Endorsements.

“Wealthy Affiliate Scam”

The results you’re finding when you do research for “Wealthy Affiliate Scam” or anything related, are not unbiased reports about Wealthy Affiliate. The men and women writing those reviews and scam reports have a monetary reason to persuade you to join, and that Wealthy Affiliate is  the greatest thing since sliced bread. These People want your money.

This is scary

Wealthy Affiliate does contribute a class product. Nevertheless, the marketing techniques used could be viewed as scammy, depending on your point of view.

Does the scam work?

Do you think Wealthy Affiliate only teaches people how to promote Wealthy Affiliate? No!! Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to promote just about any product or service. For example, my site what is helps persons learn A -Z  about blogging,  just an information-based site that earns revenue through performance advertising through services like Google Adsense.

The Aim

Is, to show that  Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just a service that guides you how to market Wealthy Affiliate. But it shows you how to sell just about anything! And become independent and own a solid business online.

Wealthy Affiliate Product & Training

No credit card info is required. No need to feel uncomfortable. Your Wealthy Affiliate account gives you entrance to hundreds of training videos, guides, and the association of marketers that you can converse with, get advice, etc. The company will start by giving you a good summary of how the affiliate marketing business design works.

Niche business

Then you learn how to discover a good niche market. Through their niche study training modules and using the exclusive research tools accessible only at Wealthy Affiliate called JaaxyJaaxy tools empower you to discover what people are searching for within’ your niche idea, along with the competition and the need for websites in the niche you are considering.

Finding your niche

Wealthy Affiliate will escort you throughout the whole process of setting up a great domain name. A domain name is just the URL of your website. For example, the domain on my site at Wealthy Affiliate  is Because Wealthy Affiliate is a domain registrar, you can register your domain name right inside their platform.

Build your Website

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build your site, using your new domain name, with only a single click. Pick from thousands of templates. All of the professional stuff like web hosting, running servers in the background, backing up your site, and providing site security, so you don’t worry about getting hacked, this is another fundamental feature you need is included.


After your website all set up, Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to create astonishing content that’s helpful for people to find your site, and also earns you a stable income!

Pristine New Training

Wealthy Affiliate is constantly adding original new training videos. Once you join, the education and growing never stop. Discover how to drive traffic to your site from social media, Google, Bing, Youtube etc. Learn how to advertise your website, where to start, how to start etc. Learn how to make your site look a wee better. Training sessions are live and recorded training is continuously being added.

Active Community

There is a very active community. Thousands of marketers, with different careers, and backgrounds waiting to help or be served. This is the reason people stay at Wealthy Affiliate for a long long  lasting time.

 Am I a member

Yes!! use any link to Wealthy Affiliate on this page. I will be notified that you signed up using my link.  I will especially reach out to you, extending a warm welcome and give any, support, and training you need, this will help you achieve success. Even if you sign up for the free account!

“Get rich quick.”

Wealthy Affiliate never uses expressions like “get rich quick” or “make money fast”  The purpose is because Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to build a solid, reliable BUSINESS.  Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick strategy, and there is none out there. So if that’s what you’re looking for, do not join. However, if you want a solid business join.

Legitimate Business

Building a legitimate business takes time. If you know a way around that, tell me about it I will follow you! Just put in some time and discipline needed to establish a legitimate business online by selling different companies products and services, I profoundly recommend you sign up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate. You have seven days to determine whether Wealthy Affiliate is for you or not.

My Final Thoughts is  Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or legit?

Yeah, it probably is. Even this article could be viewed to be a bit tricky. Reviewing and comparing, in general, is constantly shifting those boundaries. Kyle and Carson, the chaps that own Wealthy Affiliate, have created something superb. They’ve built this merchandise since 2005 and have grown larger and larger. Both have obtained numerous affiliate marketers to advertise their merchandise for them.However, it’s almost painful to find an unenthusiastic commentary about Wealthy Affiliate. While those mentioned above might appear scammy to some, others will see this as an excellent marketing strategy and opportunity to escape from the 9 to 5 work. What do you think? I think it is excellent.

These lads that operate Wealthy Affiliate have demonstrated that they understand how to run a long-term, sustainable business where numbers of people support them. This legitimate scam can cause you to be a little confused and  hooked at the beginning; but they know what they are serving on their menu. They know how to explain what they know. I think this is a setting you would benefit from? Don’t Delay!! Become a wealth Affiliate!!

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