Does Turmeric help with weight loss and cancer

Does Turmeric help with weight loss and cancer? Yes, turmeric tea is good for Weight Loss and an exceptional flat abdomen.

A cup of turmeric tea a day is the solution to your weight loss problems. But more than weight loss.There is evidence that curcumin, a substance in turmeric, can kill cancer cells in certain cancers and more research is continuing.

According to the World Health Organization, Cancer is the second predominant cause of death worldwide and is accountable for an approximated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. Globally about 1 in 6 deaths is because of this dreaded disease cancer.

According to research, approximately 70% of deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. Due to these 5 following behavioural and eating habits: Huge physique mass index,
despicable fruit and vegetable intake,
deprivation of physical activity, Tobacco use, And alcohol use and abuse. Tobacco use is a common important risk factor for cancer and is responsible for approximately 22% of cancer deaths.

The economic impact of cancer is significant. According to research, The annual financial cost of disease in 2018 was estimated at approximately US$ 2.16 trillion dollars and climbing.

What is cancer
Cancer cells divide relentlessly developing solid growths or overwhelming the blood with individual cells. Cancer is a name for a progressive group of diseases that can attack any portion of the body. One aspect of cancer is the accelerated production of irregular cells that develop beyond their natural limits, which then strike adjoining parts of the body and can reach to different organs in the body, this process is regarded to as metastasising which is a significant cause of death of cancer across the globe. It is expected to increase by 70% in the next two decades.

Cancer is really distinct from most body diseases, and its treatment is also unusual. Advanced medicine tries to use uses chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat cancer.

All 3 have their flaws with some help, but people still die after using chemotherapy radiation and surgery to treat cancer.

Now there is Turmeric for the treatment of Cancer.

Now alternative remedies such as turmeric for the cure of cancer have been examined in exceptional detail, and a really reassuring one is curcumin an active ingredient of the spice called turmeric.

Many studies on mammals and humans have shown actual beneficial effects of curcumin on many types of cancer and scientist consider it to be a great supplement to traditional methods to treat disease and maybe prevent cancer.

What is the best Curcumin Dosage for Cancer

According to Dr Bharat B Aggarwal a pioneer in investigating curcumin as an alternative treatment for various disorders in the body including cancer. He has written more than 600 empirical papers; many of them are on advantages of turmeric and curcumin to the human body.

He has suggested a correct dosage of turmeric for people suffering from cancer and has recommended the following 8-week plan:

The first Week: Start with a little dosage of 1 gm curcumin a day. If there are no side effects, use it for a week.

The second Week: Double the dosage of curcumin to 2 gm a day. If there are no side effects, use it for a week.

The Third Week: Double the dosage to 4 gm a day. If there are no side effects, use it for a week.

The fourth Week 4-8: Double again to 8 gm a day. Maintain this for the next 5 weeks.

Studies have shown that curcumin dosage of constant 12 gms per day to be safe for up to three months.
Please Note: Cancer is a dangerous disorder, and immediate action is imperative to check its germination.

Therefore large dosages are appropriate and required. However according to Dr Aggarwal, if there are no signs of recovery after 8 weeks, then curcumin is not helping you so you can stop using it.

Interestingly there is not much curcumin in the regular turmeric powder sold in groceries and stores. The regular powder has hardly about 3-4% of curcumin.

So if you want to get 1 gm of curcumin, you will need 25-30 gms of turmeric powder. For 8 gms you will need 200 gms of turmeric powder a day, which is not permissible and maybe impossible to get from the standard turmeric powder.

To solve the problem, you can use a committed brand of curcumin supplements. such as
Curcumin powder can be taken with milk and fluids.
It is recommended to take curcumin with fats and black pepper for the best outcomes as it will increase its bioavailability.

Most supplements have piperine or other compounds to improve their bioavailability. You can also take the capsules just after taking fats such as coconut oil or olive oil combined with grounded black pepper.

As with any herb or drug always consult with your doctor before commencing. Remember to stop taking curcumin supplements two weeks before any surgery.

How to choose or get the best curcumin supplement brand.
Make your blend at home using this receipe:
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
A pinch of clove.
A pinch of nutmeg.
A teaspoon of fresh ginger.
A little bit of ground black pepper
As much turmeric as you can manage
You can begin with a teaspoon and work up from there.
1-2 cups of water.
Raw honey to sweeten.

However, if you do not have time to blend our own

CLICK HERE Taking an appropriate supplement brand is essential.
You can explore these brands which are successful and have excellent customer reviews.

Research has shown that with most disorders taking good quality turmeric powder is excellent. You should make turmeric a part of your life, this can prevent your body from catching likely diseases.

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