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The EZ Free Traffic system will get over 25,000 visitors to your sites daily on complete auto-pilot…without spending 1 cent on advertising?

How It Works!

I use free resources to turn useless “auto surf traffic” into real traffic clicks by humans.

Auto surfs are traffic exchanges that allow you to automatically surf other members pages in exchange, the other members surf your pages.

The problem with this method is that autosurfs do not require you to actually look at the page that you are surfing and therefore no real people will ever see your site.
Until now! I have fixed that problem.
I have created a system that will turn useless autosurf traffic into real visitors to your website.

Using this system you will be able to turn autosurf traffic into real traffic from real people who are interested in what you are promoting.

This free traffic will come from real people who are actually clicking on your ads and going to your site. I will reveal how this is done step by step in this system.

Get ready for some real free traffic to your site on auto-pilot, click the link below to get started now!

Take your time and set the system set up because you will be able to use it on auto-pilot to get as many as 25,000 visitors a day to any site that you want to promote!


Click Here I am is offering to pay for your first month in I Can Show You How To Earn Five Figures Online!


Step 1 – Decide Where You Want To Send Your Traffic

You can promote…

  1. Your own product
  2. Your squeeze page to build an opt-in list.
  3. Affiliate products.
  4. Cpa offers
  5. etc…

Here are some suggestions for you to promote:

#1 – Promote a Squeeze Page –  This will  build a list of subscribers that you can contact over and over again to promote products or affiliate programs, for example, you can build a huge list and make money  with this CLICK HERE  Work with our team and learn this step by step system for earning weekly and monthly checks! I’ll even pay to get you started! Join Today!

#2 – Use A Done For You System – A Done-For-You system is perfect for newbies or the advanced marketer.  For example, the  CB Passive Income provides you with a page where you can give away their software for free to build an email list. They then promote affiliate products to the list that they build for you and you make all the commissions on each sale.  CLICK HERE I would like to share with you a software that can help you to find profitable affiliate programs to make money for you. The software will help you to research hundreds of products that you can promote where you’ll earn a commission as high as 70%. The best part is, the software is free and you can register a copy from the link today:


Step 2 – Join These FREE Traffic Sites/Exchanges

 To send you free traffic. These sites are called exchanges. Exchanges are sites where you view other people’s sites or promote their ads, and in exchange, they do the same for you.

There are several kinds of exchanges that will send you free traffic such as:

  1. Traffic exchanges
  2. Text Ad Exchanges
  3. Banner Exchanges.

Do this, even if you don’t have your own website.

Create a free account with each one.

Note: After you join all of the free programs listed below Login to each account and set up your free advertising promote the product or service you chose in step 1 of this course or any other website of your choosing.

Join All The Programs Listed Below and use the same username for each program.  This is very important.

Click Here To Join Infinite Traffic Boost – This is a manual traffic exchange that pays you free bitcoin to surf.It requires members to manually visit your site in exchange for you visiting their site. Later in this course, I am going to show you how to make 3.24 bitcoin ($10,000 a month) for free!

Click Here To Join Buckets Of Banners – This is a banner exchange site.  This banner exchange will put your banner on thousands of other sites all over the internet for free as long as you have advertising credits.

Click Here To Join Viral Banner Coop – This is a banner exchange.  This banner exchange will put your banner on thousands of other sites all over the internet for free as long as you have advertising credits.

Click Here To Join 1Profit Ring – This is a widget ad exchange.  This ad exchange will put your text ad on thousands of other sites all over the internet for free as long as you have advertising credits.Click Here To Join the World’s largest safelist – This site is a safelist mailer banner exchange, traffic . This exchange will allow you to get unlimited banner impressions,  and traffic , as long as you have advertising credits.

Click Here To Join 1TAE – This is a text ad exchange.  This text ad  exchange will put your text ad  on thousands of other sites all over the internet for free as long as you have advertising credits.

Click Here To Join Wonder Mailer – Wonder Mailer is a viral mailer, text ad exchange, and banner ad exchange. You will be able to send an email to over 24,000 people as well as show them your text and banner ads as long as you have advertising credits.

Click Here To Join Adland Traffic Exchange – This is one of the internet’s biggest classified ads site. It has over 130,000 members and gets free traffic from search engines. Your free classified ad will be shown to their 130K members as long as you have free advertising credits.

Click Here To Join Traffic Adbar –  Traffic Adbar is a manual traffic exchange with a twist. Instead of just getting traffic for surfing the exchange, the traffic that they send you is determined by how many points that you can earn. Note: In step 3 of the course you will learn why traffic adbar will send you the most free traffic and how you can earn traffic adbar points on complete auto-pilot!


These programs listed above will promote your sites to thousands of people daily if you have advertising credits on them.

In order to earn advertising credits for each site, you have to earn them by placing their exchange code on their site. This may be a problem for people who don’t have their own website or don’t know how to add html code to there site.

Fortunately for those people…I am going to create a page that hosts your exchange codes for free and promotes your Viral Traffic Hurricane viral web page! I called this page EZ free traffic System.

It is going to turn useless automatic traffic into real traffic that actually visits your sites and clicks your ads!

The EZ free traffic system that I  create for you will earn you free advertising credits from 6 of the free programs each time someone visits the page (As well as promote your Infinite Traffic Boost referral link).

Click Here To See An Example

How To Claim Your EZ FREE Traffic  Page

To claim your  EZ FREE Traffic  page….Simply send me your username for the 8 programs that you joined earlier (note: If you followed my instructions correctly, then you should have the same username for all 8 programs)  to me at

 Please use the subject line “EZ FREE Traffic System .

Soon you will Discover The 100% FREE Secret Method That Will Deliver Unlimited FREE Traffic To Your Site And Earn You 3.24 Bitcoin A Month On Complete Auto-Pilot….For FREE!” This ad promotes your Infinite Traffic Boost Referral link. You will get hundreds of visitors from Infinite Traffic Boost for each person that you refer who surfs just 10 pages and be in line to earn up to 3.24 bitcoins ($10,000) a month. Note: I will explain how you will earn the free cash later in this course.

The Traffic site  we are going to use to accomplish this is  traffic adbar.

Traffic Adbar uses a unique system that allows you to get your ad sent to thousands of people a day for free.

This is how it works….

As a member of traffic adbar, you are rewarded for being an active member.

The points  you earn determines how many other traffic adbar members will see your ad and visit your site.

Unlike most traffic exchanges, traffic adbar points do not directly determine how many people will visit your site. Instead, the points that you earn determine how often those people will see your ad.

Of course, the more people that see your ad, the more chances they will visit your site.

You see…when you earn points in traffic adbar you are competing against other members of traffic adbar.

The more points that you earn, the higher rankings you will have on traffic adbar and your rankings will determine how often your ads are shown on traffic adbar.

Points are automatically used to boost your websites up the level ladder. The higher your websites are, the more hits you will receive from the daily email links.

The Daily Email Links are sent out everyday and members are rewarded for reading  and clicking the ads. The more points that you have, the more people will receive their Daily Email links that promote your site!

So..The trick is to earn as many points as possible so that your ad will be shown more often, and therefore you will drive more traffic to your offers.

Ways to earn traffic adbar points…

  1. Click on other members ads!
  2. Refer new members!
  3. Put traffic adbar text ad exchange code on your website and earn 1 point per impression.
  4. Cloak any website with traffic adbar and earn 3 points per impression.

The first thing you need to do is cloak the website that you want to promote using traffic adbar. The web site that you should cloak is your EZ FREE Traffic  page because it promotes your Infinite Traffic Boost link as well as earn you free advertising credits from the 7 traffic programs whenever someone visits the page.

Note: Cloaking a website is simply a way to give a website a new address without sending them to a new site. The traffic will still go to the site you want to promote, but the link the person  visit will have a different address.

When you use traffic adbar to cloak a link your traffic will still go to the site you want to promote, but there will be other members traffic adbar ads on the bottom of your page. See an example of how a cloaked link looks by clicking the link below.…

Click Here To See How A Cloaked Traffic Adbar link looks

Your page will look similar this one, except it will have your referral links to and codes for all the programs on it instead of my links.

Each time you promote this page, you earn points on traffic adbar which will be used automatically to promote the same website!

The only thing you need to do to earn  traffic will be to send traffic to the EZ FREE Traffic  page that has been cloaked on traffic ad bar.…!

How To Cloak Your EZ FREE Traffic  Page Link On Traffic Adbar

Follow the simple steps below right now!

Join Traffic Adbar For Free -> Click Here!

Next login to your Traffic Adbar account and  follow the instructions.

NEXT THE FREE Traffic Generator Daily!

This Amazing Free Traffic Source Sends Over 10,000 Visitors, and  it also Pays Just For Using it.

Below I will reveal this free traffic source and show you how you can also use it to generate real targted traffic and easy free cash!

The FREE Traffic And Income Generator Revealed!

There is a way to get paid to send traffic to your website and affiliate offers. This free traffic generator is called Leadsleap 2.0. cash is earned from daily revenue shares, weekly revenue shares, and upgrade commissions. You make much more from daily revenue shares and weekly revenue shares as an upgraded member. But if you can’t afford to upgrade you still qualify for the weekly and daily shares as long as you follow the rules.

Leadsleap: shares up to 90% of its revenue with ALL its members, no purchase needed.

How To Earn Passive Income With Leadsleap and How to get started?
If you are a newbie wanting to make some money, just login to your account everyday and visit at least 10 ads. This will qualify you for our Daily Earning. You can also encash the credits earned if you do not plan to advertise. Our withdrawal limit is $10. Many members can reach this amount in 3 months. The more hardworking ones can cash out every month. By referring new members to leadsleap, you can earn the daily revenue share, and earn the weekly revenue easy passive income.

I recommend that you upgrade to a Pro member so that you can double your earning potential as well as get more free advertising without clicking ads.

leadsleap pays you to promote your own site.

Here is how by…
#1 – Clicking Leadsleap Members Ads

Each time you earn advertising credits from leads leap, you also earn part of their daily revenue share.

If you click 10 ads a day, you will automatically make money each day as well as get free advertising credits to promote your own website. The more ads that you click, the bigger share of the daily revenue you will earn as well as the amount of free advertising credits that you earn.

#2 – Adding The Leadsleap Widget To Your Website

By adding the leadsleap widget to your website or blog, you will earn free cash and free advertising credits for each click.

Adding the leadsleap wdget to your website has the following benefits….

You earn free cash each time a visitor to your site clicks an ad.
You can build a downline in leadsleap and earn commissions and extra traffic when people click the “Advertise Here” link and join leadsleap.

#3 – Using The Real Tracker

Leadleap is not only a free traffic generator and a free income producer, it also have several free tools that can help you as an internet marketer.

One of their best free tools is the tool called “The Real Tracker”. The real tracker is simply a link cloaker that allows you to track where your traffic comes from also using it to promote your products earns you more free traffic and cash.

Here’s how!

When you use “The Real Tracker”, you will have the option to let a popup appear on the site that you are promoting that will show other members ads.

When people click on those ads..
You earn free traffic each time a visitor to your site clicks an ad.
You can build a downline in leadsleap and earn commissions and extra traffic when people click the “Advertise Here” link and join leadsleap.

It’s a easy way to earn some extra cash and free traffic without doing any real work!

In order to earn more, I recommended that you upgrade your account to pro.

Why Go Pro?

4 Main Reasons Why You Should Upgrade
You can set up Pro Ads, which will be shown in the sytem 24/7 without credits.

You will get spillover downlines. These are leads that will be with you for life, even if you downgrade.

You will double all your earnings in Daily and Weekly Revenue Share, as well as recurring affliate commissions. Your upgrade can easily be profitable in many ways.

You earn 50% commissions on all upgrades (25% commissions as a free member).

CLICK HERE TO JOIN LEADSLEAP Now LeadsLeap reinvents itself into a revenue-sharing advertising and leads building system. The best has just got better.

Now  – Earn $10,000 A Month!

Welcome to  your EZAutomated FREE Traffic System membership  to make over $10,000 a month for by doing a simple little task 30 minutes a day!

Now I am going to show you how to make 3.24 bitcoins (Over $10,000) for free and get free traffic…Just by surfing a free traffic exchange called Infinite Traffic Boost! Sign up here


For those that don’t know about bitcoin or how you can exchange bitcoin for US Dollars (or any other currency), I supplied a few links that will explain it to you.

Click Here to See The Real Time Value of bitcoin. Once on the site…Enter 3.24  in the calculator to see how much you will earn with this free system.

Click here To See how You Can start Receiving Bitcoin Payments In A FREE Bitcoin Wallet!

Below you will find a link to a free tool that will show you the best places on the internet to get the best rates when you want to convert your bitcoin to currencies (IE. paypal, US Dollars…etc..)

Click Here To Find The Best Bitcoin Exchange Rate


NOW TO MAKE THE MONEY – What is Infinite Traffic Boost (ITB)?

ITB is The Most Innovative and Effective Traffic Exchange System on the Market today.

This Unique Model combines surfing rewards with participation incentives and 30-80% in Instant Pay Commissions that can be earned to infinity depth and width.

 Follow the step-by-step instructions in the video below…..

You Will Be Able To Make 3.24 Bitcoins (Over $10,000) In 51 Days just by doing 2 simple things…

  1. Surfing the ITB traffic exchange for 30 minutes a day!
  2. Recruiting 4 new members to Infinite trafffic Boost.

Watch the video below for full details and then click the button below the video ot join Infinite Traffic Boost!  This is 100% free!

Click The Link Below To Join Infinite Traffic Boost Now!

Click Here To Join Infinite Traffic Boost For FREE!
(JOIN AFTER You Watch The Complete Video)


After you have joined Infinite Traffic Boost,  you need to surf 100 pages a day (it takes about 30 minutes) and recruit 4 people to do the same. Note: If you have watched the entire video, then you would have a better idea of how it works.

Recruit 4 Infinite Traffic Boost Referrals For FREE On Complete Auto-Pilot!

Your EZFREE Traffic System above promotes your “Infinite Traffic Boost” referral link on a complete auto pilot (on traffic adbar).

Below I am going to show you how to recruit even more people to join Infinite Traffic Boost through your referral link so that you can make even more than 3.24 bitcoins (which can be  more than $10,000) every 51 days!

Step 1 –  Get Your Infinite Traffic Boost Referral Link

The first thing you need to do is get your Infinite Traffic Boost Referral link. You will be using a specific referral link from Infinite Traffic Boost that promotes the system that will earn your potnetial referrals 3.24 bitcoin every 51 days!

Here is how to get that link….

First…Login to your Infinite Traffic Boost Account.

Next…Scroll down the page and click on the link on the left hand side of the page that reads “Affiliates”.

After you click on the link that reads “Affiliates“, a new menu will appear.

Click on the link that reads “Referral Tools

This will take you to a new page

Click on the link  that reads “Step 1: Use your Affiliate, Squeeze & Splash Pages“.

This will open up a new page where you can select a squeeze page that promotes the 3.24 bitcoin in 51 days from Infinite Traffic Boost.

To select that specific squeeze page, you  need to scroll down the page until you see the following

it looks like this

Copy the link under the description that reads “Free Way Squeeze Page”

Now….You have the link you need to promote in order to get at least 4 people to join under you at Infiinite Traffic Boost.

To promote your link…look below for instructions.

Step 2 – Use some of the free advertising that you will earn from your “EZFREE Traffic System” page above to promote your Infinite Traffic Booster Referral link.

 Start sending traffic to it!

Note: The advertising exchanges are earning free ad credits whenever you send traffic to your “EZFREE Traffic System” page allows you to submit more than 1 ad. This means that you can promote your “Infinite Traffic Boost” referral link as well as any other programs that you would like! Simply create an ad for your favorite program and then create another ad that promotes your “Infinite Traffic Boost” referral link.

Note: Some of the traffic sources that you joined in step 2 of this course require that you have a banner to advertised.  I have created a special banner that you can use to promote  your “Infinite Traffic Boost” referral link. It’s below…

Use the banner below to promote your Infinite traffic Boost squeeze page.

Your banner will look like this…

Use the banner image link below to promote your “Infinite traffic Boost” squeeze page on the sites that require you to use a banner (Viral Banner Coop, Buckets of Banners, Wonder Mailer, 1Profit ring, and Adslingers.

Banner Image Link  ->

Some traffic exchanges also allow you to enter text ads…. (1tae, 1profitring, adslingers, and wondermailer.


Step 3 – Make 3.24 bitcoins Every 51 days!

Please note you don’t have to use the system to make 3.24 bitcoins just 1 time. You can do it over and over again. Here is a simple way to make sure that you continue to receive 3.24 every 51 days!

Simply login to your Infinite Traffic Boost account and follow the simple instructions below….

Step 1 – Click on the link that reads “Affiliates”.

A new menu will open up. Click on the link in the menu that reads “Earnings“.

A new page will appear. This new page will allow you to do the following.

  1. Enter your bitcoin wallet address so that you can get paid.
  2. Use some of your earnings to automatically puchase TPOs (Traffic Packages) so that you upgrade automatically in order to earn the 3.24 bitcoins every 51 days!

So…First, click the little button that reads “Get Paid In Bitcoin” and enter your bitcoin address.

Next, scroll the page and click the button that reads “save settings”.

Now go back to the top of the page and click the button that reads “Use earnings to purchase TPO’s your way up”. Now scroll down the page again and click the button that reads “Save settings” again.

Doing this will allow you to automatically upgrade using some of your profits so that you are eligible to receive the 3.24 bitcoins every 51 days!

You now have a 100% free system that you can use to make over $10,000 in bitcoins every 51 days!

Remember to surf the Infinite Traffic Boost 30 minutes a day to earn the bitcoins that will be used to automatically purchase the TPO (Traffic Packages) that are required to earn 3.24 bitcoins every 51 days!

30 minutes a day to earn $10,000+? You can’t lose!  Don’t let this once in a liftetime free opportunity pass you by! Get started Now!!!!!!!


DO YOU WANT TO – Make $10,000 Even Faster –  3 Minutes A Day!

You can earn you $10,000 over and over quicker! The Video Below explains it. (This is optional if you want to make money faster with less work)

This method  explained above requires you to buy TPO1 (Traffic Package 1) for only .0005 bitcoin. With this purchase you not only make more bitcoins faster, you also get 1000 visitors to any site that you want to promote!!! GOOD LUCK!!

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